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How To Clean Your Room in 15 Minutes

Maybe you have a ton of homework and can’t concentrate in a messy room, or maybe you have guests coming over in 15 minutes. Whatever the reason, you probably want to spend as little time cleaning as possible so you can spend your time doing other things. Here are all the tips and tricks to maximize your cleaning efficiency.


Before you start


  1. Put on some music! Do something motivational, but if you don’t know what to play, just throw on some random Spotify/Apple Music/Pandora/Whatever you use playlist and go. I definitely recommend a speaker over headphones since they might get in the way of you cleaning.
  2. Grab a damp cloth, the vacuum cleaner, and at least three boxes/bags/containers (one will be for trash, one will be for clothes, and one will be for miscellaneous clutter if you need it. As far as containers go, reusable grocery bags work nicely). Keep the vacuum cleaner and the cloth right outside of your room as you clean.
  3. Open the blinds. Open a window. Let in some fresh air. Set a timer on your phone for fifteen minutes. Remember, you need to move fast. Here we go.


Fifteen minutes to go


Grab all of the clothes off of your floor. Throw the dirty ones in one of the containers (or your hamper) and then place it outside of your room with the vacuum and cloth. Hang up all of the clothes you can wear again. Make sure all of your drawers are properly shut.


As a general rule, if you have to leave your room to put it away, don’t. Instead, put it right outside your room to be put away once you’re done.


Twelve minutes to go


Grab anything that does not belong in your room (cups, dirty dishes, that thing you borrowed from your mom) and put them outside of your room to be dealt with later.


Grab anything that can be thrown out (papers, kleenex, whatever gross things are found in teenager’s rooms these days) and put it in the bag. Place it outside of your room to also be dealt with later.


Clean up anything on your floor that might look messy. I don’t know about you but I have a bajillion chargers for everything ranging from my iPad to my graphing calculator all tangled in the corner of my room. Every room is different, but at this point, your floors should be completely free of clutter.


Nine minutes to go


Take any clutter (notebooks, pencils, tablets, chargers, random objects) and put them away. If you have a ton of clutter and this starts taking a really long time, throw some of the clutter in the third container/bag. Put it somewhere safe. This will speed things up, and you will most likely be more inspired to tackle it when your room finally looks clean. Don’t stop until all of your surfaces are de-cluttered.


Five minutes to go


Make your bed. Making your bed makes your room look a thousand times cleaner than it actually is. Since we’re pressed for time here, it doesn’t have to look great. Throw all of your pillows on the floor, straighten your sheets comforter, and then throw all of your pillows back on the bed. Arrange them in some sort of aesthetic fashion.


Four minutes to go


Time to get that wet rag out. Now that your surfaces are de-cluttered, you can get all of the dust off. Make sure you do this after you make your bed, since making your bed will just add more dust (especially if you just dusted and all of your surfaces are wet!).


Three minutes to go


Put the rag right outside of your room and get the vacuum out. You know how to vacuum (I hope). Start with the main part of your room, and do the edges and corners only if you have time.


One minute to go


Almost done! Now you can finally leave your room. Put away the vacuum and take care of all of those bags/containers outside of your room all at once. This is a lot more efficient than going back and forth from your room to other parts of your house. Put the dirty cups/dishes in the sink, put away the vacuum, put your dirty clothes in the hamper, and throw away your trash.


Whew. What a workout. Your parents might be so impressed that they’ll make you clean the rest of the house too.


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