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Halloween Season Bucket List

Halloween is just around the corner and the whole eerie, spooky Autumn season is the perfect time to fall (get it?) into the seasonal spirit! Christmas seems to dictate that winter be a celebration in and of itself, so here are some fun things you can do and I’ll be doing to get into the fall spirit!

The aesthetic ideal of changing leaves, eating candy, and getting overpriced spooky decorations to hang outside in the perfectly cool weather make autumn my favorite season, even if it marks the beginning of school. The sweater-weather atmosphere and the beginning of Hot Chocolate Time make the season a great time to do themed activities. Whether you’re baking by yourself or going to a Halloween party with friends, embrace the Halloween Spirit! 

  1. Carve Pumpkins (or any gourd actually!) Pumpkins were originally carved in turnips and you can create some pretty funky designs on an odd-shaped jack o’ lantern. 
  2. Go to a haunted house/corn maze/apple orchard (I’ve combined these because they’re all staple Halloween ideas, all within the same vein. 
  3. Dress up with your friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Screw the idea that Halloween is just for kids, go have fun with the people close to you!
  4. Bake these cookies. You know the ones. They’re delicious and easy to make and tastes like childhood in every season. 
  5. Make some bougie hot chocolate. The Swiss Miss packets in water are all well and good, but nothing compares making it yourself. Plus you get the feeling of creating something like you’ve suddenly been transported on Master Chef. 
  6. On that note, watch Food Network! This is a good idea no matter the time or season. Cake Wars, Cupcake Wars, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, the adults and kids baking competitions. You name it, food network’s got it in spooky-themed competition form. 
  7. Make your own caramel apples (they’re easy if you just buy caramel and apples at your nearest Target or Walmart)
  8. Make your own (are you sensing a theme?) apple cider 
  9. Watch some Halloween movies, both the ‘real’ scary ones and the classic animated kid’s movies. Okay maybe it’s because I get scared easily but my favorite autumn movies are the Corpse Bride and It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Just like watching Christmas movies, these just get you in the spirit of Halloween.
  10. Read up on the history of Halloween, or All Hallows Eve as it was called. You’ve probably heard that before in some horror movie but the history in the pagan roots of the holiday is really interesting. It’s fun to see how a spiritual pagan holiday became Americanized and is now just code for kids dressing up and getting sick on candy.
  11. Have a photoshoot outside with all the changing leaves
  12. Smash some pumpkins/apples, or anything similar. Trust me on this one it’s really fun to see a pumpkin explode in your alley after scooping out its insides. 
  13. Hang out with your friends! Themed get-togethers are just as fun to talk about and plan as they actually are to execute, in my opinion, and it’s always a good idea to have an extra excuse to throw a party with friends. 

Have a fun and spooky Halloween season, get scared, happy, get plenty of candy! 

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