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Things To When You’re Bored on the Weekend

Hi, hello, salutations. My name is Alexis and  I write for this magazine sometimes if you didn’t know. And also, I have no friends.*

*ok so, I do have friends, I just never leave my house lmao

Anyway, I spend a lot of time not doing anything over the weekends and I’ve developed some pretty crafty ways of spending my time. And because I like writing articles in the form of lists, (surprise!!) it’s going to be a list.

  1. Do some ~intense~ journaling.

Literally just find some paper or an empty notebook and challenge yourself to fill the pages up. You can include things like a story about what you did that week, songs that you listened to , newspaper clippings, stickers you’ve gotten, quotes you like, doodles, flowers, etc. For example, here’s mine from a couple weeks ago:

2. Make some friendship bracelets

These can take from 30 minutes to a couple days to finish, which make them a pretty fun way to kill time. All you really need is some embroidery thread, scissors, and probably something to attach the bracelet to while you’re making it (water bottle, duct tape, clipboard). I used to go to summer camp, so I’ve gotten pretty good at friendship bracelets, but if you need some extra help or need some inspiration there’s a whole website dedicated to designs and tutorials.

3. Make some niche memes

Niche memes are basically an evolved version of starter pack memes and are a form of digital collaging. It’s actually pretty fun and very cathartic for those who like visual aesthetics. Most people use niche memes to vent about their life, create a mood board, or just put nice looking things side by side. Anyway, all you’ll need for this is a computer, and a way to find and edit pictures. Personally, I like to find images on Pinterest by looking up “niche meme png” and put them all together on Canva.

4. Write an article *wink wink*

This is shameless self promo (sorry, not sorry). But seriously, if you like to write and you have some extra time, why not write an article for Teen Insider Mag? Since you’re on our website, you probably have an idea of what we’re looking for in terms of subject matter, and it won’t hurt to just try it out. We take article submissions here!

5. Start studying for the SAT

This is not the most fun thing to do but it never hurts to get some extra studying in. There are a bunch of free practice tests you can take and free studying materials available online. You can start here.

6. Teach yourself a new talent

So apparently, doing a totally random thing gets you a lot of attention these days (I’m looking at you yodeling kid). Why not fall down a rabbit hole of pretty cool, and kinda useless talents? And hey, you might get a cool party trick along the way.

7. Make a Triller

I’m very passionate about this one because it’s actually really fun. Basically, Triller is a video making app where you can film little music videos for yourself. First, you pick the song you want, then you can film multiple clips of you singing along or dancing to the song, and finally, the app puts different cuts of each clip in so it looks like a mini music video. I’ve made quite a few of these, and I think they’re a funny way to spend time and, also, very funny to send to relatives.

8. Write one of your relatives a letter

A lot of us forget that our grandparents and older relatives actually care about the little things that go on in our lives, especially if we don’t see them that often. Even if it’s just a letter talking about what you did in school that week and whether or not you enjoyed it, I’m sure it’ll be much appreciated. Plus, writing a letter shows that you put thought and effort into it, compared to sending a text. Don’t forget to ask them questions too! Relatives always have cool stories to tell.

9. Watch a documentary

Contrary to popular thought, there are documentaries that are actually interesting. Most of us only watch documentaries in school, where they have specific guidelines of what administrators can and cannot show us. This means that, generally, we have to watch the most watered down and appropriate documentaries. There is no doubt that I have learned pretty cool stuff from documentaries we have watched in school, but it is even better  to watch things tailored to your specific interests. Personally, I find the ones on Vice really interesting, but there are plenty of other free documentaries that you can find online.

10. Figure out your astrological chart or your Myers Briggs personality type

Not everyone believes in these types of things but, believe in it or not, it can be pretty fun. To do your astrological chart, also called a natal chart, you need the exact date, time, and place of your birth. You can use that information to find your natal chart online or you can download an app that will make your chart for you. The cool thing about astrology apps is that you can share your horoscope with your friends. You can also find your Myers Briggs personality type, which basically provides extra explanation about how you perceive the world and why you perceive it that way. All you have to do is answer some questions about your personality, which I honestly like because it feels like I’m a celebrity doing an interview. You can do that here.  

Pretty much, if you’re looking for ways to kill some time, these are some ideas. But also, you might want to — and this is just a suggestion — actually do your homework before Sunday evening at 6:30 PM. 

Go get that bread.

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