Questions, Comments, & Ideas

Questions, Comments, & Ideas


Things you should totally send us:

  1. Article ideas! Shoot us an article idea and that very same article might just pop up on our dash a few weeks later (or less). Also, let us know if you want to see a continuation or “part two” of any existing articles.
  2. Drop in and let us know if you found an article to be especially interesting or helpful! We love feedback–we’re humans too, not just article-writing machines. We want to hear from our readers–tell us if one of our articles helped you out!
  3. Questions for us about Teen Insider in general, the website, or just anything else you want to know about us (the managers/authors) and what we do. Also, tell us if you are interested in getting involved with the magazine (it looks great on a resumé).
  4. Let us know if there is a problem with our website or an article (especially false/misleading information) PLEASE LET US KNOW. You are not being rude! We will fix it as soon as possible.
  5. We don’t bite we promise 🙂 and no message goes unread or unanswered. All questions/comments/ideas submitted from this page are private and will not be posted on the site.


All of your messages go to both Nina and Alexis, the two founders of Teen Insider. At least one of us will get back to you as soon as we can. We might respond in minutes, or it might take a couple of days (really no more than three). Don’t be shy–part of what we do here is answering and responding to the questions, comments, and concerns of our readers. It’s a part of what Teen Insider is all about.



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