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20 Things All Dancers Can Relate To

Say what you will about dance, but it’s pretty friggin impressive. As many dancers know, you have to be a little crazy to seriously pursue dance. Here’s a list full of things that dancers can relate to:

1.  Saying “I can’t. I have dance.”

Every. Single. Time. For dancers life consists of going to school, going to dance, coming home, and repeating that sequence.

2. Stretching literally anywhere

With sore muscles, you gotta do what you gotta do.

3. Marking dances in public

This is such a big problem for me, it’s ridiculous. If you see someone intensely concentrating on counting while making little movements, they’re probably a dancer and not a crazy person. It’s not a nervous tick, they’re just doing petite allegro!

4. Having to explain to your friends that you’re fine

Yes, I am limping but it’s because I’m sore. Yes, I do have a lot of bruises on my legs: we did floor work in class yesterday. No, I’m not in an ultimate fighting league outside of school. It’s totally cool.

5. Acting a complete fool with your dance friends

I’m not sure what the difference is between school friends and dance friends but for some reason large groups of dancers together act crazy. We can be so obnoxious. oh. my. god.

6. Getting “stuck in the mirror”

When you get so focused on focusing on a dance that you just kinda stare at yourself.

7. Lowkey acting like non-dancers are a different kind of person

This is kind of mean and it’s really not on purpose.

8. Accidentally speaking in “dancer” to non-dancers

Speaking in “boom” “ba” “da” and “ca” or other gibberish words really doesn’t make sense to non-dancers.

9. Having to forfeit any type of social life

Dancers literally see their dance teachers and friends more than their own family.

10. Weird relationship with body image

In dance, especially ballet, it’s super important to be strong enough to execute everything well without being to heavy to be lifted or be aerodynamic. It gets pretty hard and stressful to monitor one’s body without it becoming unhealthy.

11. Being exhausted ALL of the time

Homework and dance is not a good combination.

12. Owning more athletic clothes than actual clothes

Sometimes it’s just more exciting to buy a new leo or warm-up clothes than jeans.

13. Being a pro at buns

Years of practice and almost being late to class give you the ability to make the perfect bun in 30 seconds or less.

14. Feeling weird about going outside in stage makeup

Stage makeup looks fine under the bright lights of the stage but once you step into daylight, stage makeup will make you look kinda like the love child of Pennywise and Flashback Mary.

15. That kind of gross inside of dance-bag smell

You know the smell. You know. If you don’t, you’re lying.

16. Being sad about never getting to perform a dance again

There’s that moment in the last thirty seconds of that last performance of a dance that gets really sad because it’s the LAST TIME. I’m still sad that I only got to perform the choreography from Fame four times.

17. Debating whether or not to wear a dance costume for Halloween

I get sad about not getting to wear a costume again but I also get sad about not wearing something spooky for Halloween.

18. Getting into arguments about whether dance is a sport or not

DANCE! IS! A! SPORT! Anyone that says otherwise is wrong. Sorry I don’t make the rules.

19. Trying to teach non-dancer friends how to dance

This is always pretty funny. If you haven’t done this, I highly encourage you to.

20. Being unable to picture your life without dance

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