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27 Tech-less Things to do if You’re Bored

Sometimes you need a detox from technology. Or you got grounded and you don’t have your phone. Whatever the case is, I got you covered. 

1. Sleep

Give your body the rest it deserves and so desperately needs.

2. Journal

Record some good memories for your future self to look back at and smile about. Or, release all your stress, anger and emotional baggage on the page. Leave it there and feel lighter.

3. Read a book 

Did you forget those existed? 

4. Cook a meal (with someone)

Feel extra proud of yourself when you eat your product. 

5. Go for a run outside 

If you won’t freeze to death, enjoy some fresh air and pretty landscapes. 

6. Do yoga

Get into a state of calmness that makes your whole day 10x better. 

7. Listen to music (optional but highly encouraged: dance in your room) 

Enjoy yourself like nobody’s watching. Because nobody is. Hopefully. 

8. Work on an art project of some sort 

Reminded of your elementary school days? Make a photo collage, a mood board, an actual drawing or painting, or a present for your mother to show your appreciation for her–the possibilities are endless. 

9. Decorate your room 

Festivize it for the holidays or whatever season it is. Put up pictures, get a throw, raid a decor shop. Pinterest is your friend.

10. Grab food with someone

Just talk and catch up. Real life talking > texting, snapping, calling, or Facetiming. 

11. Hang out with your parents

They want to. If you hang out with friends, why not your parents?

12. Volunteer

Go to a local food bank, senior center, or animal shelter and lend a hand. You pass time and help others, a win-win. 

13. Play board games 

Monopoly, Battlefield, Sorry: this is your time to shine. 

14. Clean your room

I mean if you have the time you might as well. 

15. Take a trendy exercise class

Spin class, hot yoga, aerial silks? The opportunities for adventure are endless. 

16. Rock climbing

It’s fun and good exercise, there’s not much else to be said. 

17. Swim

Also fun and good for you. 

18. Ride your bike 

Weather permitting of course. 

19. Complete a puzzle 

The harder the better. 

20. Sudoku

Challenge your brain a little, it’ll thank you later.

21. Read the news 

Be an active, well-informed citizen. You’ll sound and feel smart.  

22. Plan 

Plan what you have to do: future events coming up, upcoming deadlines, goals you have. Set yourself up for success and less stress in the immediate future. 

23. Wander 

Be a tourist in your own city or town. Go downtown and simply experience it as a visitor. Do what you feel like doing, explore that interesting street or that cool looking store, maybe you’ll find some hidden gems. 

24. Build a fort 

It might be childlike in nature, but that’s the whole point, right? 

25. Learn a new skill 

Pick up a new language with Duolingo. Learn how to code. 

26. Your homework

Just in case you were trying to procrastinate.

27. Write a letter to a local Congressmen

If you have something on your mind and want to make a difference. (Could be the passing of  climate change legislation if you’re looking for any ideas :))

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