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How To Get Organized

How To Get Organized

With a new school year comes re-organizing Yet, the pencils are soon to be lost and your backpack is soon to be messy. So the question is how can you get organized, stay organized, and also stay motivated to do so? Well here are a few tips I’ve found helpful!

1. Use a planner

In the digital age you may less so use a planner and more so use the calendar on your phone or apps that store information, but using a planner (or something similar) will help you keep your assignments and other events organized. Additionally, because all of these “items” are in one place you don’t have to worry about rummaging through your bag to find the various pieces of loose-leaf papers that have scribbles of random assignments.

*If you’re looking for an app I recommend My Study Life

2. Separate Materials

It’s really important to separate materials based on either classes or the days those classes fall on (for those of you who have a block schedule). In doing so, it makes it easier to find materials and stay organized. Plus, if something like a math assignment is out of place you know which folder, binder, etc. it should actually go in. Color coding classes is also very helpful! I can’t count the number of times I’ve looked in my bag and used the color-coded folders to determine whether I had everything I needed.

3. Cut some time aside to plan

Put a few minutes aside each day to plan. Planning doesn’t necessarily have to be academically related, it can be plotting out your weekend or making time for family, but spending a few minutes each day thinking about things that you may not have penciled in in your planner can be helpful in keeping you organized!

4. Set goals for yourself

Speaking of penciling in goals, set some for yourself! Goals can be conducive for keeping you in check or making sure that you get everything you need to get done before you have some time to yourself. Setting goals can be especially helpful when you set deadlines before the actual due date. Also, they become easier to accomplish when you reward yourself for meeting a goal.

5. The Power of Sticky Notes

While the reminder app on iPhones can be extremely beneficial so can sticky notes! Stick them to your computer or bedroom door and use them to remind yourself of the goals you need to accomplish or things you need to throw in your book bag before you leave for school.

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