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Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes For Procrastinators

Suddenly you check your calendar and HALLOWEEN IS IN THREE DAYS?? Don’t fret! We have some super cute last-minute Halloween costume ideas for all of the procrastinators out there.


Rosie the Riveter



All you need: Blue or denim shirt, red bandana and a polka-dotted fabric headband. Pants and shoes are up to you! Skinny jeans or leggings go great, as well as converse or combat boots.

Add ons: Bright red lipstick.

Why it’s great: Rosie the Riveter was one of the biggest cultural icons during World War II, inspiring thousands of women to join the workforce, which is pretty damn cool. Plus, it’s cute, comfortable, badass, and easily recognizable.


Black cat



All you need: Something black to wear, headband ears, and some eyeliner and/or black face paint.

Add-ons: A tail if you want to go that extra mile.

Why it’s great: Adorable and affordable! You can really customize your outfit too, as long as it stays black. Sure it’s mainstream, but no one will be asking you what you are.


Risky business



All you need: Oversized white “dad shirt”, shades, tall white socks, and white (or neutral color) shoes.

Add-ons: White converse

Why it’s great: Super easy and super iconic.


Wear a Onesie



All you need: A onesie

Why it’s great: Cute, super easy, keeps you warm, and of course, super comfortable. Especially great if it gets cold on Halloween where you live.


Dress like an era



If you’re an old soul, you might already have the clothes you need. If not, fashions from the twentieth century are always coming back in style.

Why it’s great: Customizable, iconic, & badass.

Where’s Waldo


All you need: A red-and-white striped top and blue jeans

Add-ons: A red and/or white hat, glasses, and red or white converse or brown shoes.

Why it’s great: There are so many things you can do with this costume, and as long as you have the red and white top, people will know who you are.


Mario and/or Luigi



All you need: A red or green hat, a matching shirt

Add-ons: Overalls, brown or green or red shoes, mustache accessory

Why it’s great: You and a friend can twin with this costume if you want, or you can easily do it yourself.


Minnie Mouse



All you need: Minnie mouse ears and/or red bow, black top, red skirt, tutu, or dress (preferably polka-dotted)

Add-ons: Tights; red, black or yellow flats; a dot of black eyeliner/face paint on your nose

Why it’s great: Who doesn’t love Disney?

Don’t celebrate Halloween coustume-less!

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