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Pain to Sucess

By: Anastasia Silver

A victim of absentee parents, I have grown up not knowing where my meals would come from, sleepless nights alone in the home, and suffered the bullying often times encountered as children grow up. Recognizing my pain and empathizing with others in the similar situations, my approach to life has been to help the less-fortunate, ill, or out-cast. I set my lyrics to today’s EDM-Pop beats and I have been fortunate to recorded with award winning producers with the same pulse on the music of today. 

I am self-taught, self-developed, and self-sufficient, and have taken on challenges in life that defeat the greatest of champions and now I am putting my life experience to pen and taking my love of writing, singing, and performing to develop a platform to communicate my message of hope! 

I began performing at the age of four for anyone that would watch! I have always been told that there is something charismatic sets me apart from others my age and with the encouragement of family and friends, I have latched on to the dream of fame and then got to work on accomplishing my destiny. Using instructional books and videos and every class that I could attend in high school and college, I have been a sponge for information, technique, mainstream trends. I have never lost focus of my goals, graduating high school as the Valedictorian, logging hundreds of hours of community service, and serving as the Student Council President, all while developing my craft as a song-writer and performer. Despite all of my challenges, with support, I have overcome and my effort landed me a coveted four-year scholarship to continue my education at the University of Oregon. 

I have worked tremendously hard to master the fundamentals of singing and songwriting and remained highly focused on continuing to polish a look that is relevant to today’s young adult. I have been blessed with the opportunity to develop a solid network in Los Angeles, California and I am continuing my path with my second single release, “Up In Smoke,” a follow up to my debut release: “Damn.” Through the direction of management, Ablaze Entertainment, my releases have been spaced to allow me to build my fan base while balancing my aspiration of a four-year degree. 

I have always aligned myself with organizations focused on the betterment of the lives they interact with such as Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, OHSU, The Rajaratnam Foundation and most recently, I accepted a role as an embassador to the SOS Foundation and SOS Tour of 2020. I only hope that I can serve as beacon of hope and the ability Writing and recording music has always given me a way to escape or 

to over-come the pressures today’s youth face. a tool to sort out my feeling and now that I am nearing the end of college, I have been able to dedicate more time in the studio putting the lyrics of the songs that I have written to music. I have performed in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho in support of other artists, but this year I have started making my mark as a featured artist with multiple performances in southern California in renowned venues such as The El Rey Theatre, The Roxy, and the House of Blues in support of my single releases and I was selected as an SOS Tour Artist, who will tour the United States in support of the SOS Foundation. 

I hope that my story and my path inspires people to overcome challenges and never lose focus on the person they want to become. I don’t know if I have a message that resonates, but I just want people to never let your past define who you are and who you can be!

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