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Things to do in Quarantine

School is done, but we’re still quarantined. Now what?

If you’re worried about boredom and bemoaning the loss of your summer, don’t. Embrace the freedom you now have! Here’s a list of things you can do to have fun and be productive, all in the safety of your own home. 

  1. Read 

Read a book (or e-book), the news, or an online magazine (may I suggest everything in Teen Insider?). It can relieve stress, help you sleep better, and prevent mental decline

  1. Take an online class

Coursera is a godsend: they have a multitude of courses you can take. If you’re interested in a specific field, now’s the perfect time to explore and see if you really are destined to go into that career you’ve been dreaming about. If you, like me, have no clue what you want to do in the future, now is also the ideal time to explore! Or, you can learn about something oddly specific like “ADHD: Everyday Strategies for Elementary School Students”, or areas of study that are just being explored like positive psychology. The point is, the virtual learning possibilities are endless! Other websites to check out, besides Coursera, are Skillshare and MasterClass. Some even offer free subscriptions or trials for the time being: now you don’t have any excuse not to learn something new!

  1. Learn a new language

Enter Duolingo: the famously memed owl who will come for you if you don’t do your practice, so be sure to keep up. Learning other languages has been shown to boost brain power, increase career opportunities, and even improve creativity, so what are you waiting for?

  1. Research scholarships 

You have the time, why not save some money? Websites like Scholly, Capex, and Fastweb provide a plethora of scholarships to choose from, tailored to any interest, income bracket, and academic achievement list. 

  1. Bake and cook

I’ve always loved to bake, but have found myself with a whisk in hand less and less as I’ve gotten busier. Now, in the past week, I’ve made muffins, falafels, and black bean brownies. Cooking can be therapeutic because it stimulates the senses and releases feel-good endorphins. Plus, you get to eat everything afterward— a win-win.   

My partially devoured pan of black bean brownies
  1. Facetime your friends and talk

Maintain some form of social connection or else risk going completely insane. I hate to seem like the epitome of every teenage girl, but learning TikTok dances with your friends through FaceTime is amazing. 

  1. Go for a walk/run 

Get some fresh air and exercise in. You could walk, run, rollerblade, skateboard, bike, anything really. If you can’t go outside, YouTube has plenty of workout videos. Some of my favorites are Natasha Oceane, Chloe Ting, Pamela Reif, and Les Mills. A couple of YouTubers even have month-long challenges to become fitter: sign-on and watch days fly by as you become the best version of yourself!

  1. Paint or write 

Just a way to get those creative juices flowing. Also, consider creating a journal for your quarantined times–it’s a time you’ll probably want to look back upon in the future and maybe, just maybe, lecture your grandkids about it. 

  1. Spend time with your family

It’s the perfect time to do so: why not appreciate them before you grow up and leave home? 

  1. Community service

Check around your local community to see if there is anyone in need of an additional hand, whether that be grocery runs, food delivery, or babysitting. Nextdoor, an app which connects neighbors, has a clever new function called “Help Map,” which allows you to identify yourself as a resource for neighbors in need. If anyone around the area is looking for assistance, they can contact you easily enough. In these challenging times, kindness can serve as a source of strength. Don’t be afraid to use it.

There’s always something to do no matter the circumstances, so have fun, try something new and (most importantly!) stay safe.

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