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Things To Do On A Snow Day

If you are living anywhere near the Midwestern U.S. right now, you are probably out of school due to the polar vortex (yes, for some time, it will be even colder here in Chicago than Antarctica). So when it is -22 degrees Fahrenheit (-31 degrees Celsius) outside and you think there is nothing to do, we’re here to prove you wrong!

Do a social media cleanse

You don’t have to worry about FOMO because you are certainly not missing out on anything. Delete Instagram for a day (but first, follow @teeninsidermag. Ok, now delete.)

Read a book

Books? What are those? No, seriously. There’s few things better than getting lost in a good book. Even if you don’t think you can commit to finishing it, that’s okay! Just open one up and read. It’s a very healthy thing to do in this digital world.

Spa Day

Bubble baths and face masks, here we come.

Catch up on Netflix / Go Through A Youtube “Rabbit Hole”

Of course, always an option.

Throw a Pan of Boiling Hot Water

This is slightly dangerous and can explode in your face so maybe don’t do this but watch this video instead.

Do “That Thing That You Have Always Wanted To Do But Never Got Around To Doing”

Learning to sew? Taking an online class? Making a collage?  Doing your laundry? Selling stuff on Ebay? Watching the ten million videos on your YouTube “Watch Later” list? Starting a YouTube Channel?! Now’s your chance!

Clean Your Room

Since you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time in it during the next few days, you might as well.

Make an “Instant Slushy”

Ok but this looks way too fun.

Watch TED Talks

These are so interesting and you actually learn stuff.

Make yourself Hot Chocolate

Or tea or coffee–as long as it’s piping hot.

Write an article for Teen Insider

Just saying.

Bake something!

Cookies, brownies, chocolate chip muffins, you name it.

Vlog Yourself Going Outside And Experiencing The Polar Vortex

Might as well experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. (Disclaimer: Please dress appropriately and don’t get frostbite). This might be a fun video to look back on later.

Blow Bubbles and Watch Them Freeze

This also looks fun.

And this is very satisfying.

Listen To Christmas Music

Ummmmm because why not?

I hope everyone has a terrific Winter Break Part 2!

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