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Why Grey’s Anatomy Is the Best and Worst Show Ever

By: Tenzin Kunsang

As philosophical as it may sound, we’re all connected to Grey’s Anatomy in some way. Whether you’re the obsessive fanatic or a friend of the obsessive fanatic, Grey’s has played a role in your life. Whether you’re a hopeless teenager clinging to every romantic relationship or an overworked physician who can relate to Grey’s on a more professional level, the show has captivated the attention of many. The point is that a show that has successfully aired for this long inevitably contributes laughter, suspense, excitement, and boredom, into viewers’ lives. 



  1. Patients’ stories are very thought provoking


Although there is a fair share of humor and ease in many patients’ stories, there are also those whose stories resonate to the audience on a much deeper level. Just months after Dr. Christine Balsey Ford testified against now Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh over sexual assault, the show featured an episode tackling the topic of sexual harassment. Throughout the episodic storyline, Abby—the injured woman—confides in doctors about the real reason she was at the hospital. Near the end, the episode culminates with a lineage of female doctors lined up as Abby is about to undergo surgery, reassuring her that she is not alone. After this episode aired, there was a surge in sexual assault hotline calls. 


2. Too many characters


“I can’t remember the character’s name. It starts with an ‘A’.”

“April? Amelia? Addison? Arizona? Alex? Atticus? Andrew? Adele? Andy? Alexis? How about Allison? Maybe the baby Allison? ” 

You get the point. Even when limiting the characters to one alphabet, it may seem like writers are throwing characters into the script in any way they can. Throughout the entirety of the show, there have been 31 different series regulars along with hundreds of other characters whose names are worth remembering. Good luck!


3. The characters are relatable/inspiring


Saying Meredith Grey is resilient is an understatement. She’s survived a bombing, drowning, shooting, plane crash, patient attack, and death of her mom, dad, sister, and husband. Meredith Grey isn’t just resilient; she’s a superhero! The writers at Grey’s Anatomy have continued to deconstruct the boundaries with diversity and inclusivity. Somewhere in the world, a recovering addict relates to Amelia Shepherd. A kid jumping from foster home to foster home connects with Alex Karev. And a former soldier suffering from PTSD empathizes with Owen Hunt.



4. So many deaths and departures


Dedicated fans often tease that viewers shouldn’t get too attached to characters because they either end up dying or leaving. As a medical drama, viewers can anticipate deaths…of patients that is. No one signed up for all these beloved characters to leave. Although there have been significant deaths since the second season of Grey’s, the first main character death was George O’Malley, who jumped in front of a vehicle to save someone else’s life. A season later, Izzie Stevens was diagnosed with cancer but did not die. She left her job. In season 8, soulmates Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan died together in a plane crash. Cristina left for a job in Switzerland. Derek died in a car crash. Alex left to be with Izzie. April marked the end of her story in Seattle. Callie and Arizona moved to New York. As of the end of season 16, there are only three characters who have been featured since the first season. 


5. Words of wisdom


In the beginning and end of most episodes, Meredith Grey’s voice is heard in the background. As a person with such invaluable experiences, the audience can learn a thing or two from her. Other characters have also shared their words of wisdom…

“Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature. Be better than anyone here, and don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. You’re on your own. Be on your own” – Cristina Yang

“If you aren’t willing to keep looking for light in the darkest of places without stopping, even if it seems impossible, you will never succeed” – Amelia Shepherd 

“You have to go back to the beginning to understand the end” – Teddy Altman

“It’s good to be scared. It means you still have something to lose” – Richard Webber

“Bad things happen, but you have to move past it. Leave it behind. The sooner, the better. Or it’ll eat you away at you and stop you from moving forward” – Miranda Bailey


6. Unnecessary storylines


After 15 years on the air, there are bound to be storylines that don’t seem like the proper fit within the season nor the show. For example, back in season 5, the show introduced Meredith’s childhood friend, Sadie Harris. Although it seemed like Sadie was finally finding her place at the hospital, she abruptly leaves, never to be heard of again. Another storyline that seemed like it was just thrown into the mix was Amelia’s pregnancy. This is mainly due to timing. She found out right after Teddy had given birth to Owen Hunt’s baby. The possibility that Amelia’s baby might be Owen’s brings on a whole lot of drama to this love pentagon (yes, there were five people involved); in fact, the amount of people involved in this messy situation is unnecessary in itself.


7. Laughable moments


Besides people dying and leaving, there have also been light hearted moments on the show. In its early seasons, Cristina Yang—the best in her class at Stanford and at the hospital—is seen eyebrowless after her mother-in-law coerced her to shave them right before her wedding. As someone who has always put her professional life first, it’s hilarious to see Cristina try to blend in with her husband’s family. The show brings on more humor than this three minute scene. In season 8, an entire episode was dedicated to spark laughter: the surgeons at then Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital took part in a game of baseball with their rival hospital. During the game, viewers see many sides of Grey’s that they wouldn’t otherwise see in a hospital setting. Let’s just say their hands are meant for surgery, not baseball.

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